Our Company

Spreadsheet Auditor was inspired after we became increasingly frustrated with the limitations of existing auditing products available. We wanted to combine a set of powerful tools into a single Microsoft Excel Add-in to make auditing spreadsheets simple and easy.

About Spreadsheet Auditor

Who are we?

Our team has worked extensively in Banking, Insurance, Accounting, Funds Management, and Private Equity for the past 15 years. During that time we have concluded that there are a number of common issues that arise which compromise the integrity of financial models and spreadsheets.

The Product

Spreadsheet Auditor represents the new market leading instrument in business modelling quality and risk management. It mitigates many of the risks associated with using complex spreadsheets and gives comfort that a spreadsheet or financial model is accurate and error-free.

Spreadsheet Auditor not only helps minimise errors but also looks for housekeeping issues within spreadsheets such as excessively large worksheets and unprintable cells.

One Mission

Our goal is to streamline any Excel spreadsheet review process and reduce operational risk so that you can spend more time on insightful and strategic analysis.

It is incredibly important to us that our product is easy to use, and intuitive. We hope you agree.

Contact Us

It's usually faster and easier to find the answers to any questions online. Our FAQ knowledge base is the best place to start, but you can reach us via the form below or alternatively you can send us an email.

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