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Eliminate Errors with Spreadsheet Auditing Software for Excel

Enhance your Excel processes and optimise your workbooks with Spreadsheet Auditor—a comprehensive auditing software that allows you to identify possible integrity issues in spreadsheets. Our spreadsheet checking software searches your document for #REF error sources and other spreadsheet errors, collating them in a detailed report for you to review.

We understand the importance of creating spreadsheets that are reliable, easy to read and navigate, and convey confidence in the underlying analysis. Spreadsheets often contain thousands of individual calculations and are therefore prone to errors. Make sure errors are identified and fixed with our integrated, functional software for spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet Auditor’s system works by checking each worksheet for problems that may cause formulas to be inaccurate. By ensuring formula errors are eliminated, this software allows you to spend more time on decision making, and not the technical issues holding you back. This best in class Excel error finding program is simple to use, yet meticulous in its ability to completely scan your workbook for issues. Audit results are presented in an audit report containing analysis on each and every error.

Search and destroy errors

Spreadsheet Auditor’s ability to search workbooks in their entirety, ensures your workbook is free of problems and inconsistencies. Results are collated in a printable report, allowing you to review these issues in a logical order. Our audit software performs many checks, including finding cells, workbook names, and charts that contain external and broken links. Our software will find errors in places that you didn’t even know errors could occur.

Assessing workbooks cell by cell means our checking software will audit your formulas and calculations, ensuring spreadsheet outputs can be relied upon. Audit findings are listed with dynamic hyperlinks to ensure you never lose track of errors no matter what changes you make to your workbook.

Identify problem areas

Fix offending errors and problems starting with our intuitive audit report. Spreadsheet Auditor’s auditing system creates the ability to track down errors, allowing you to access them quickly. This means you can go directly to the root of the problem, with minimal effort or searching. This auditing software provides commenting functionality for you to track issue resolution and record comments about each error.

Make your spreadsheets shareable

If your workbook is taking too long to load or send, Spreadsheet Auditor will condense your document easily, so you can share it or print it out for an important meeting without stress. Our Excel add-in will audit your workbook and locate empty cells which are unnecessarily using memory, and also locate data which may have been unintentionally left outside of print areas. Additionally, this add-in will find assumptions that aren’t being used when perhaps they should be.

Explore your workbook’s formulas

Our formula exploring tool will analyse formulas, break them apart, identify what inputs drive them, and analyse their impact upon other cells. By analysing the composition of formulas, this tool will break down complex formulas into colour-coded components, so you can inspect the source and validity of all inputs. Use intuitive keyboard shortcuts to speed up the navigation of formulas.

Locate #REF errors

Spreadsheet Auditor’s auditing and checking system actively records all #REF errors throughout your workbook, including those found in: cells, names, conditionally formatted cells, data validation cells and charts. All of these external references are logged in a single list so a user can review many issues quickly in one place and then jump to the source of any particular error.

Minimum requirements

Spreadsheet Auditor is currently only available on Windows PC, for Microsoft Excel. To view the compatible operating systems, click here.

Get started with Spreadsheet Auditor to ensure your spreadsheets and workbooks are free of errors. Our auditing software system will ensure your files don’t put your integrity on the line—make your spreadsheet reliable, robust, and efficient.

If you’d like to find out more about the features of our auditing system, please feel free to contact our team or download a free trial today. This audit software is designed to be the most efficient, easy-to-use checking system available, so we’re committed to providing you with the assistance you require.